Artists are alphabetized by their first names.

View from Above the Clouds – Gerry Lynch

Gerry Lynch

View from Above the Clouds | Oil on canvas | 46”H x 36”W

This work, “View from Above the Clouds,” is one in a series of black and white paintings in which Gerry Lynch combines calligraphic forms and straight edges.

About the artist

Gerry Lynch, an abstract expressionist painter, came to Raleigh 25 years ago. She received an MA in Painting from Montclair State College (now Montclair State University), Montclair, NJ, in 1984.

Sense of Gratitude – Grace Li Wang

Grace Li Wang

Radiance 20 | mixed media | 26″ x 36″

“Creating Radiance 20 was gratifying and blissful. From the beginning, you are here to love and to be loved. May the joy, happiness and warmth of nature’s radiance touch and uplift you through life’s journey.”

About the Artist

Grace Li Wang is an artist renowned for her ability to capture the radiance of nature. Her vibrant colors and graphic forms infuse a sense of radiance in an imaginative and captivating world.

Grace is a graduate of the School of Design at the North Carolina State University. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, she has been in the United States since 1964. She has participated in numerous international, national, and regional design conferences as a seminar panelist and jurist.  Grace is the recipient of dozens of international art and design awards, and her artwork has been exhibited and collected by private and public sectors regionally and internationally. Currently, she is an active board member with the Gregg Museum of Art and Design at NC State.

Private Lesson – Jaimon Caceres

Jaimon Caceres

Private Lesson | Colored pencil | 18”H x 24”W

“Private Lesson” is a study on an essential part of ballet schooling, one-on-one lessons with a tutor. It aims to capture the close, watchful presence of the teacher bringing out the best in her pupil in the warm atmosphere of a ballet studio.

About the artist

Jaimon Caceres is a colored pencil artist based in Raleigh, NC. He is a North Carolina native and former ballet dancer, and uses his love of natural landscapes and dance as themes in his work. He is also an active member of the artistic community in Raleigh and a graduate of the Art Institute of Raleigh/Durham.

Distance to Love – Jason Craighead

Jason Craighead




Jason Craighead’s work is, at its core, an exploration of the vastness of the human condition, both personal and collective. Craighead’s paintings and works on paper dynamically embody the artist’s recent experiences, ongoing preoccupations, and at times brutally raw emotions. Our modern lives are entangled in a complicated world that is in turn joyful, tragic, confusing, dark, wild, and brilliant. In his paintings, vast areas of softly washed color exist alongside boisterously frenetic mark making; midnight black and glowing swaths of pigment delineate movement and a surprising depth throughout the surface; as well as his characteristically ambiguous linguistic references drawn from music lyrics, snippets of poems or other textual sources that the artist has collected to communicate what is feeding his conceptual narrative. For Craighead, this is all a meditative experience to be shared: it is at once yours, mine, and ours.

Craighead lives and works in downtown Raleigh. He is currently represented by Cheryl Hazan Gallery in NYC and Tinney Contemporary in Nashville, TN. His works have been placed into many significant national and international collections.

Gold Creek – Joann Couch
Gold Creek | Acrylic | 30”H x 40”W

“This is a painting of a creek in the woods behind my home. I tried to evoke the natural curves of the environment and the movement of the water.”

About the artist

Painter Joann Couch trained at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and continued her education at North Carolina State University, and later, Meredith College. Joann worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, agency creative director, and art teacher prior to becoming a full-time painter. Her work has been featured in businesses, organizations, and art galleries, and is included in permanent collections at Duke University, SAS, IBM, Rex and Duke Hospitals, and NC State government. She has won numerous awards for her work, including a North Carolina Regional Artist Grant. Little Art Gallery represents her.

“My paintings reflect how I see the world around me. Dramatic color and bold shapes are my tools for capturing human emotion. The works of Matisse, the Fauves, and the Bay Area Figurative painters, as well as my early instructors at Ringling, had a strong influence. But it is my own feelings about how we, as humans, interact with the world around us that fuels my work. Underlying all of my art is a sincere optimism and basic faith in beauty and humanity.”

Coastal Shanties – John Gaitenby

John Gaitenby

Coastal Shanties | Acrylic on canvas | 36”H x 36”W

“This piece is a continuation of the study of architecture in the landscape. It is representative of a bygone era of simpler times, wants and desires. In the past the most rustic of beach shacks was considered a luxury, a place of contemplation and renewal. In the ensuing years the structures have become more complex and grandiose but the timelessness of the beach get-away still holds true.”

About the artist

“I am a self-taught artist, presently painting in the realm of contemporary realism. I enjoy the challenge of representing architecture in its simplest form within a landscape. A villa among rolling hills of Tuscany is one of my favorite subjects. Old structures, old earth and rich colors are most appealing to me.”

Black Tie – Joyce Watkins King

Joyce Watkins King

Black Tie | Mixed media: acrylic, elastic, and hosiery on cradled board | 48”H x 36”W x 2”D

“Black Tie is part of my Hybrid Structures series. The interplay of paint and graphic hosiery patterns may bring to mind elegant gowns while the pin-striped elastic bands are a nod to the satin stripes on tuxedo pants. I can envision a ballroom where guests are intermingling in conversation or dancing to lyrical music. Others may see the stylized patterns of microchips or something different. Each person can find their own connections.”

About the artist

“As a lifelong artist and designer, I have worked in many media, but the call of textiles always prevails. Textiles are part of a universal language that cuts across cultures worldwide, providing beauty, utility, and symbols for special occasions. Fabric is a metaphor for how many separate strands (fragile threads) can come together to make something strong and lasting the same way our communities are stronger when we all participate. I strive to re-use thread, fabric, and findings in my work whenever possible, in opposition to the escalating trend of consuming too much cheap fast fashion. I have degrees in design, textiles and visual art from NC State and UNC-G. I am proud to be a long-time contributor to Works of Heart and be featured artist in 2010. My work has been shown regionally, nationally, and internationally.”

On view September 4th through October 2nd at Meredith College is a solo exhibition, “Fast Fashion Fiasco: The High Cost of Cheap”. Visit for more information.

Kinston Swamp – Lori White

Lori White

Kinston Swamp | Oil on canvas | 36”H x 24”W

“Kinston Swamp is near Kinston, North Carolina and the Neuse River. Swamps are critically important to providing fresh water and oxygen to many species, and also a place for breeding. Swamps need to be preserved, not drained. Toxic people who talk about draining swamps need to be removed from office.”

About the artist

Lori is a contemporary realist painter of landscapes and still lifes and an active environmentalist. She is an exhibiting member of the Oil Painters of America and a signature member of the Pastel Society of America. She is represented by Fine Art at Baxters, Ambleside Gallery, Nicole’s Gallery, and Local Color Gallery.

BlueSensation – Marriott Little
 | Acrylic on canvas
 | 36″H x 36″W

“‘BlueSensation’ is a recent expressionistic work designed to appeal to the senses through the vibrancy of color and the energy of emotion.”

About the artist

Marriott Procter Little is a Raleigh native who graduated from Duke University with a degree in Art History. She has since studied with many well-known artists incuding Joe Cox, Ben Williams and Gerry Lynch in Raleigh. Working in traditional and non-objective styles over the years, she has received awards in oil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic in regional and national shows. Her paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections including Bank of America, SAS Institute, Glaxo/Smith/Kline, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, and actor Alan Alda. A longtime contributor to Works of Heart, Marriott was Signature Artist in 2009.